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Rimage Software Development Kit (SDK)

If an out-of-the-box software solution doesn’t work for your business, save time
and money and realize dramatic reductions in development time with Rimage’s
powerful integration tools. Whatever your needs and however complex your
operations, Rimage can help you integrate our system with your workflow, as
well as streamline and automate your processes.
Key Features Include
* Includes all APIs and information needed to create custom applications that
control the entire line of Rimage disc publishing systems
* Reduce complex job submission processes to simple, routine commands that
run automatically
* Automate and link almost any process of data set creation and disc artwork
creation to your corporate systems
* Create disc publishing solutions with professional artwork, accurate
consumable monitoring, disaster recovery, hands-free operation and system
status monitoring
* Save any project consisting of a data set and the artwork to be printed on the
disc and re-run at any time
* Automatically integrate photos, bar codes, dates, times, text fields, and
metadata into artwork for printing
                                         **Available upon request**